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Dark Web Surfing: Mistakes to Avoid The dark web or net, as the term implies, is something you use online to hide or conceal an internet or web activity, the idea of which is to make sure no one knows what you’re really doing. And while much has been said about how this community is encouraging illegal activity, it still doesn’t deny the fact that millions of internet users find it very helpful, whatever their purpose is. Considering that you might find yourself in trouble when surfing or using the deep web, it only makes sense to learn what mistakes you should avoid making. First things first, you have to know that most law enforcement agencies are clueless as to where or how to locate darknet sites because of the use of all sorts of software to make them anonymous. But this shouldn’t also be too much of a confidence booster for you since you still can reveal your identity or location by making the silliest mistakes like leaving comments or talking about the darknet via the usual online communities like forums, social media sites, and blogs.
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Another mistake you just might have already committed is posting pictures that contain your personal information in the metadata. Authorities can get enough information from them to work on a case against you using the dark net.
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Moreover, many users out there don’t realize that even if darknet markets are secure in general, there still is a possibility of getting trapped when using surface websites from time to time. One of those ways is when you’re using software like VPN but you totally forgot hiding your identity by entering your real address on Google Map. In doing so, you effectively sent Google information that can be used by authorities to trace your location. If you’re shopping for goods and products via the dark web and you’re using bitcoins, you also are very prone to revealing your identity. This is because transactions involving bitcoin as currency are now considered as public record. Therefore, everyone has access to the details about that transactions, including the people involved in it. Lastly, perhaps the dumbest mistake you’re about to make when doing stuff over the dark web, more particularly buying things, is trusting everyone you meet and communicate with. Don’t get us wrong because we’re not saying every person you meet online has bad intentions; it’s just that you never can fully trust someone you never met personally. Therefore, what you need to do is try building some relationship first or maybe dig in a litter deeper before you make a commitment to reveal your own information.