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For many of us, we always start our day with a cup of coffee. If you are engaged in a coffee business, it is important to select the right coffee vending machine for your small business so you can offer good cups of coffee to your customers. For many on-the-rush workers and employees, a great coffee experience is being able to grab a cup of coffee in one of the nearest vending stations without too much stress and hassle. Coffee vending machines are convenient to use, and business owners can offer different types of coffee without needing human assistance. When it comes to selecting a coffee vending machine, you need to make sure that you choose one with the right calibration, one that provides the right amount of water, blend and temperature every time.

A great coffee vending machine must offer different blends depending on the customer’s preference and mood. The two types of coffee vending machines are table top or stand alone. Coffee vending machines have different styles and features such as touch screen feature, sizing options, strength options and milk and sugar options. You might also consider purchasing a coffee vending machine with A+ energy rating which can significantly reduce your energy costs, thus making them an environment-friendly option for your small business.

To ensure you are choosing the best coffee vending machine for your small business, allow us to also help you ask the right questions to your coffee vending machine supplier.
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1.) How long have you been in the coffee vending machine business? A company that has been engaged in the coffee vending machine industry for many years is a good testament to their good service. It is an indication of the company’s experience, expertise and resources.
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2.) What are the different flavors of coffee or brands are you currently offering? Sometimes, machine operators can be partial to one to the other, so it is important for you to talk to your supplier about the flavors you want before making a decision.

Are you also using a coffee vending management software? You can ask this question to your vending supplier to make sure that they are able to provide you a good service since there are a lot of logistics involved in running a successful coffee vending company.

4.) How many accounts do you service? The number of locations they have is a good sign that they are providing superior service.

5.) Is there a presence of liability insurance? A trusted and reputable company is willing to pay a nominal fee to protect their business and customers.