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the best food in the world is made here

the best food in the world is made here

traditionally the food is made in Indian villages on ‘chulha’ like this. I use to sit around one of these back when I was a child while my grandma use to cook food. I dont know may be it was the warmth of the fire in the chilling cold, or the taste of the food itself was so good, I have never had better food. even now when I go home in winters, my mom keep the woods from the remains of the autumn in the garden and make one ‘chulha’ similar to this one. we all sit near it and she cooks ‘jwar’ and ‘bajra’ roti and some time ‘bati’. and still the food taste the same.. only the best

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Indian Street Food – Varanasi, India

Indian Street Food - Varanasi, India

Audrey gets a lesson in street food cooking at this aloo tikka stand at Assi Ghat in Varanasi. What started out as a quick lesson turned into a 20 minute job, as the stand got busy and everyone worked together to get everyone fed quickly. Audrey got thumbs up from the customers for the tomato-potato mixture she was stirring. She was paid with some stuffed puris (small, puffed fried bread).

Watch the video.

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Indian street food seller

Indian street food seller

Group ready for ganesh idols immersion close to the tank.Image taken on 09/eleven/2011.Hyderabad,India.Canon Rebel Xt

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Indian street food seller

Indian street food vendor

Crowd waiting for ganesh idols immersion around the tank.Picture taken on 09/11/2011.Hyderabad,India.Canon Rebel Xt

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Street Foods. Bangalore.

Street Food. Bangalore.

Down load the wallpaper from listed here!

You can find this overall avenue in Bangalore called the ‘Food Street/Chat Street/Thindi Veedhi’, off the west gate of Lalbagh. The put is lively from 7 in the evening each day and the action gets to be brisk and active by all-around 8. Has all sorts of a broad range of vegetarian avenue food items, chinese, south indian, rajasthani sweets and authentic karnataka fare. A great meal for two would value not more than fifty-sixty bucks with dessert.
My decide on – The sweet dough preparation(bobbattu) and masala dosa with puligore:)

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