Indian Street Food | Street Food Of Kolkata – Masala Muri Or Jhal Muri.

‘Masala-Muri’ or ‘Jhal-Muri’ Is the very popular & iconic Street Food of Kolkata as well as West Bengal. ‘Muri’ Means a traditional puffed rice is made by heating rice in a sand-filled ‘Kadai'(Iron Pan). What ‘Muri’ is to rice as popcorn is to corn. And Jhal means ‘hot’ or ‘spicy’. So, Jhal-Muri is a preparation of well mixed Puffed Rice with different types of Spices, Nuts, Fried Items, Green Chilies, Brown Peas, Vegetables and Raw Mustard Oil.
In this video the man in pink T-shirt preparing the above said ingredients in a mug, mixing very well and then giving to his customers.