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3 Practical Tips for Buffet Sanitation

If you own or operate a buffet restaurant – or a restaurant with buffet options – sanitation should be foremost on your mind. Although maintaining proper sanitation is important at any restaurant, this is doubly true for buffets. In light of how many people approach buffet displays and touch the corresponding serving utensils on a daily basis, people who manage buffet restaurants need to be extra vigilant on the sanitation front. In the interest of keeping your buffet safe and sanitary, put the following tips into practice.

1. Equip Your Displays with Dependable Sneeze Guards

When looking for ways to encourage buffet safety, sneeze guards are an absolute must. As the name suggests, these resilient guards are designed to prevent saliva, spittle and mucus (which are all synonymous with sneezing) from coming into contact with food. Although many buffet restaurants make ample use of sneeze guards, a staggering number of them don’t utilize them at all. If the latter describes your business, take care to rectify this oversight posthaste.

2. Keep Food Warm

In addition to being unappetizing, cold food can also be dangerous. Once they’ve reached a certain temperature, certain foods become risky to consume – particularly meat. As such, it’s in your best interest to keep the food in your displays warm. One of the most effective ways to do this is investing in state-of-the-art hot food display. Additionally, make sure to replace the food regularly, regardless of how much of it remains.

3. Require Diners to Take a New Plate Each Time They Approach the Buffet

Restaurant managers should also require all diners to take a new plate each time they approach the buffet. Because serving utensils frequently come into contact with plates, reusing them is guaranteed to spread germs. You can ensure that diners are aware of this rule by placing signs in the vicinity of every food display and serving station.

Sanitation in restaurants is not something to be taken lightly. Failure to uphold proper sanitation can result in food-borne illness, displeased diners and serious fines. Because of their hands-on nature, buffet restaurants are particularly susceptible to sanitation issues. Fortunately, with a little bit of persistence, restaurant owners can nip these problems in the bud. Investing in reliable sneeze guards, keeping food warm and requiring diners to take a new plate each time they go up for another serving will promote good sanitation and prevent the spread of germs.… Read More


After a hectic and busy working day, any one would wish to hang-out with friends and family in the weekends. Especially Dinner is the perfect time to enjoy relaxing with the loved ones. There are many famous restaurants in Chicago which are popular for its interior and multi cuisine foods and wine and beer. Along with these, there are few popular and also the best restaurants in Chicago which are romantic and bring tasty foods to their customers with private dining rooms and pub decks.

 Stop here for any cravings at Midnight

Lakeview has best restaurants which provide all the food from the cravings. It has many late night restaurants. While weekends are the best times for late night dinners and a glass of wine, Alhambar Palace Restaurant is the best place which comes with lavish decoration and some live entertainment with belly shows. This restaurant offers Middle Eastern as well as Mediterranean style dishes on North African foods. It has different menus which one can go with like Entrees, Desserts, Wine lists by glasses and bottles and also gives first flavors menus. This is surely a place perfect for a date late nights as it will be open early hours during weekends.

Grab a beer along the road style theme and classic American Burger

Big Star is another famous restaurant which attracts the foodies with its roadstyle theme. It’s popular for its beer, whiskey, Cocktail menu and Tequila with the Mexican and Tapas foods. It’s famous for its late night menus and Cocktails. Best place to sit and enjoy the food at weekends as it will be open late nights. Outdoor and waterside seating is one of the best things here along with the food. Three Aces is a popular for the Gastropunk cuisine. Do check in here and taste the pasta, pork and the burger which has the classic American touch. Late night bars are open throughout and dine on weekends till early hours. Its known for its Sandwiches, Burges and Tapas and is perfect for late night celebration and is one of the best budget dining place.

Room for perfect date

Cherry Circle Room is another best restaurants in Chicago which is perfect for dinner. It opens till mid night all days, though it’s not open till early hours. Its interior looks more or less like history of Chicago, while it has more hardwoods and red leathers. One can enjoy the cold smoked beef and cork which is of French onion soup. The tastes of meat and seafoods are famous here and the cocktail menu which has the Chicken and Fish is crazy to taste at this place. It’s a perfect place for a couple and one can enjoy the cocktails here. The prime wine is also added in must to taste list at this room. The other famous thing about this room is that it was men’s club for many decades. Dine in the top beautiful and tasty restaurants in Chicago this weekend – treat yourself … Read More

Taste the delicious foods by choosing the perfect hotels easily

When you look around the world you could see the plenty of restaurants available over the world and they are preparing the best and delicious food for their customers. For the food savvy, varieties of foods are prepared by the chefs who are working in the restaurants. If you are in that category, then choose the perfect and hygiene place to taste the foods. But reaching the best spot is the biggest and toughest work for the people, particularly when they are in the new place. But to overcome this problem, here is the amazing source for you to reach out the best one. The Best steak restaurant is the online source that helps the people to choose the best restaurant in their place. If they are new to that place, this source helps the people to search the best place to taste the delicious food. So, reach this austin steakhouse recommendations to pick out the best restaurant to have the tasty food.

Important things to consider while choosing the restaurant

When you are travelling to the new place, you have to be very careful in choosing the restaurant because some of the hotels do not make the foods in the hygiene form. Even if you like to taste the varieties of foods, you have to be aware of the hygiene about that hotel. Here some of the important things are listed below to follow while choosing the restaurants. So, consider these things while your selection methods.

  • Hygiene is the first thing to consider while choosing the restaurant. If you are noir considering that point, then you will have to face some health problems and that may also cause the major issues. If you enter into that hotel, you have to check the hands of the servant whether it is clean. When you could not see the freshness and cleanliness in that hotel, it is better to come out of that place.
  • Before you move towards to the hotel, check the reviews of that place which is listed in their site. This is the best way to identify the odd one to have the hygiene food. Through the reviews of the people you almost get the overview of the hotel.
  • These are the important ways to find out the best hotel to taste the delicious and variety foods. So, follow these steps to reach the best one.

Place to find the best one!

There are plenty of sources available for the people to choose to find the best one. Here is the amazing option for you and that is austin steakhouse recommendations. If you have entered in this source, then you could see the different types of recommendations and options for you to choose the best hotel in the place where you are now. They will also show the exact places where that hotel residing in that city to find out that place easily. So, reach this online site and find the hotels or restaurants quickly.… Read More

Tourism in Pondicherry – Examine the Grandeur

Beach locations of Pondicherry:

Tourism in Pondicherry reigns supreme since of its shorelines. Epiphanize your daily life and intellect as you let on your own free, experience the salty air of the beach and let the pristine waters take above your senses. Dawn and sunset are divine to encounter in these shorelines. Eliminate on your own admiring the glorious sun get to out throughout the luminous stretch of the sea to the sands the place you stand.

Pondy&#39s earth-course Cuisine:

Stroll by way of the apple-pie ordered lanes and European toned structures and take pleasure in a pleasurable evening in the boulevards of Pondy. The crisp evening breeze with its tasty aroma of Pondicherry is sure to attract you inside the gourmet restaurants of Pondy that host a large range of genuine and fusion cuisines which includes South-Indian, French, Italian, Arabian, Chinese and Vietnamese. The Pondicherry tourism division conducts a food festival yearly in July, to showcase these cuisines.


Auroville also known as the city of Dawn was started by Mirra Alfassa (identified as “The Mom”) to enhance human unity and carry about cosmic peace and interdependent harmony. The golden globe composition of the Matrumandir is a well known check out in the tiny village. Reawaken your senses in the peace and silent of the Matrumandir.


Unleash the explorer in you even though you take a look at the intriguing archaeological site of Southern India. Be sure to check out off Arikamedu from your listing of places to take a look at in Pondicherry. This was a key trading site among Greek and Rome and intrigues you more at the mention of Augustus Caesar, considering the fact that whose reign these trading relations had been active.

Gandhi Mandapam:

Gandhi Mandapam, lifted in honor of the Father of the Country shelters the premier statue of Gandhi in Asia. It is surrounded by 8 granite pillars, which ended up brought from Gingee, a fort 70kms from Puducherry. It is amazing to look at the Mahatma&#39s silhouette bask in the splendid sunset flowing by way of the durable pillars.

Aayi Mandapam:

As the sun rays scatter by way of the canopy of shady trees on to the velvety flower carpet of Bharathi Park, nestle on the warm park benches to unwind and find the importance of Aayi mandapam. Aayi mandapam is an legendary composition of architectural beauty developed by the French King, Napolean III. The attractive monument fashions a French fleur dde lis flaunting a European magnificence nevertheless retells an Indian tale. It stands elegantly talking for by itself the fewer identified tale of Aayi, a woman courtesan who destroyed her very own household to make a water tank for the people today. The tale traces back again to the King of Krishnadevaraya, ruler of Vijaynagar empire whom we know from Tenali Raman tales.


Keep thrilled for purchasing in Pondy as this town fashions the very best of assorted couture and has its markets loaded with the hottest tendencies of … Read More

Three Factors To Consider While Organizing A Food Festival

Are you a restaurateur? Don’t forget, arranging a food festival is an powerful technique you can consider to attract clients or foodies to your organization. Even though on one hand you can give them food stuff ready by the best cooks of your restaurant, make them take pleasure in the high quality, and make them your clients on the other, you can increase your organization and make a significant selection of clients the two in your metropolis and from other cities. If you can promote and popularize the occasion by way of advertisements and many promotional functions, you may be capable to attract worldwide holidaymakers to your pageant. So, you can see that a appropriately structured and planned food festival can definitely boost up your organization and help you to make a significant sum of earnings. On the other hand, just before arranging a pageant, there are three most vital factors that you must consider. A checklist of people three factors is supplied down below:

  • Concept: Prior to you make any approach, the foremost detail is to decide the theme for the pageant. The theme for the situation can be Thai, Chinese, Indian, or Tibetan. What ever be the theme you pick out, you want to make preparations for dishes accordingly. In addition to that, you want to beautify you eatery to match with the theme of the pageant. You ought to look at whether or not the props, the decorations, and the ambience are beautifully suited to the theme of the pageant.
  • Menu: Normally, the dining establishments undertake the food stuff tradition of certain areas of the globe as their themes for this kind of festivals. On the other hand, you must don’t forget that there can be a lot more than one staple dish of a location. That is the cause, you want to study effectively and finalize a menu for the occasion. Even though deciding on the dishes, you must make it a level to look at whether or not people are common and but one of a kind options for this kind of an occasion.
  • Spending budget: You want to consider your funds just before planning this kind of an occasion. In accordance to your funds, you can manage this kind of an occasion both in your restaurant or in a club or in a banquet. The selection of dishes in the menu card also establishes the price of arranging this kind of a application. In addition to that, you must calculate your finances effectively and make absolutely sure that you are having a successful return on investment from the pageant.

If you want help or help to manage, promote, and handle a food festival, you can generally choose for the expert services of an on the internet occasion administration provider supplier. … Read More